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Software Information

Well Management

TotalRod™ software helps manage the day-to-day operations of oil and gas wells. The information it manages includes Drilling Reports, Well Servicing, Wellbore Schematics, Pumping Unit Inspections, Fluid Levels, and Failure Tracking.
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Production Gauging

This module manages daily field production data including Meter Readings, Tank Gauges, Run Tickets, Well Tests, and Downtime. It includes a flexible reporting interface to provide the information needed for better decisions.
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Benefits & Features

TotalRod™ can help reduce your operational costs by efficiently capturing, storing, and reporting the information you need to make accurate and timely operational decisions.
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A live personal demonstration is the best way to show you the capabilities of TotalRod™. We can schedule a convenient demonstration of TotalRod™ either in-person or online and focus it to your needs.
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Training is important to ensure you get the greatest value from TotalRod™. Our interactive training events can be conducted at your office, our office, or over the Internet. Training events can be held for one or more people and we'll work with you to schedule a time that's convenient. The material covered in the training will be customized to your needs and environment.

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New User Training

Our training sessions for new TotalRod™ users can help get users up to speed quicker and more efficiently. These courses provide an introduction to the following topics:

Experienced User Training

Even users with years of experience using TotalRod™ can benefit from additional training. Often people are unaware or lack understanding of functionality that can help them and the company operate more effectively. Courses for experienced users will cover the following topics:

Administrator Training

Proper training for employees with administrative access is important for the successful implementation and/or maintenance of TotalRod™. Our training sessions for administrators will cover the following topics:


Production Systems' support staff is available to help you with your TotalRod™ questions and issues. You can call us at 432-699-6688 or send us a message using the form located under the Contact Us section of this website. Our normal hours of operation are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (CST/CDT) Monday through Friday.

Remote Support Login

In most cases, we can assist you by using remote support software to temporarily connect to your computer. Starting a remote support session allows us to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to help resolve your support request. If you've already been in contact with Production Systems' support staff, please enter the support code you were provided into the form below.

About Us

Production Systems started in 1989 with one goal: Provide a service to help oil and gas companies save money by operating their wells more efficiently. This was in an era when there was very little attention put on the efficient operation of wells until the well became a 'problem well'. The primary focus during that time was on production performance and price control. While there were numerous companies that provided equipment and detailed analysis of problem wells, Production Systems was the first to provide a proactive service for lift optimization of all rod pumped wells in a company.

We simply suggested that the operator spend a fraction of the money that they were spending after the fact on problem wells to identify wells that were not operating efficiently, make the changes that could be made immediately, and be prepared to make other changes the next time a well was pulled. We immediately began developing and using software to manage the large amounts of data necessary for this work. Within a few years we began licensing this software, TotalRod™, to our clients.

Today, over twenty five years later, TotalRod™ has expanded to provide a complete solution for all types of wells to operators for Drilling, Completions, Downhole Detail, Well Tests, Fluid Levels, Well Servicing, Well Failure Tracking, Pumping Unit Inspections, Production Gauging, Injection Volumes and much more.

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